About Us

We’re on a mission

To offer natural products that are kind to the environment and your body will love!

Here at Hygix we have sourced a range of eco-friendly Hygiene and Skincare products.

It’s no secret that harsh and toxic chemicals are used in a variety of daily use products, however, finding them is the tricky part. A lot of hygiene and skincare companies have become ‘masters of disguise’ with how well they hide the nasty chemicals among their ingredients list.

We’re on a mission to change this.

At Hygix we’re proud of our products and love to show off our natural ingredients!

As the founder of Hygix, my mission to supply natural eco-friendly products is also a personal one. As a young child I developed a mild bronchitis due to the strong cleaning products used in our home. From a young age I was taught the virtue of keeping a clean and presentable home, which meant adopting these practices in my adult life.  Not long after, I realized that the cleaning products I had seen our housekeeper was using were filled with toxic ingredients. The skin regimes my mother introduced me to were much of the same. When asked about them, I was amazed to hear that my mother had very little knowledge of the ingredients used in her products or the damage they can have on your health.  Like many women, she had been swept up by glamorous commercials for these products and blindly trusted in the brand, particularly when celebrity sponsorship was involved in marketing the products.

I enjoyed studying up on how big cosmetic and cleaning companies hide their toxic chemicals and was amazed at how it was perfectly legal for them to do so.  Despite the harm they can have on one’s health, consumers are still buying them due to a lack of natural and trustworthy brands available on the market.  Determined to make a change, I decided to start Hygix with the goal to contribute good hygiene practice to society.

I endeavor to search for and provide products that are environmentally friendly, safe to use in your home around young ones and on sensitive skin – all consisting of natural and ethically sourced ingredients!

Let’s keep Mother Earth clean and beautiful ♥